About Us

Family Private Care is a Nurse Registry licensed in the State of Florida. We specialize in providing excellent, cost-conscious private care referral services for clients in their homes, in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. Our goal is for your family to enjoy peace of mind and for your loved one to maintain the highest possible level of independence. Family Private Care serves clients in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee counties on Florida's southeast coast, and Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties on Florida's southern Gulf coast.

A History of Excellence

Family Private Care was founded as "Friends of the Family" in 1997 by Gary Uber and Keren Baldwin Wheeler. In 2005, "Friends" became Family Private Care. And while our name had changed, our philosophy of caring has not. Family Private Care continues to focus on providing services to the families of seniors and people with disabilities with one focus in mind: We constantly strive to exceed our client's expectations. We value "excellence in all we do, and integrity in how we do it!" Now in our second decade of service to South Florida families, our commitment to the principles that govern every aspect of our business has not wavered.

The Family Private Care Difference

Family Private Care was founded on three guiding principles that have defined our uniqueness and which have not altered from that time until this:

  1. The value of life.We believe that human life is of inestimable value and significance in all its dimensions, from the unborn to the aged, from the mentally handicapped to the physically challenged. Every condition in which humanness is expressed, from conception to the grave, reflects some aspect of God's image and is therefore of immeasurable worth.
  2. The value of relationships.We believe that the intrinsic human dignity we all possess should be the starting point of every relationship we form and every family we serve. In the heart of every human being there is a desire to be loved, cared for, respected, and treated with dignity in spite of any physical, emotional, or psychological differences.
  3. The value of integrity.We believe that a commitment to integrity forms the foundation of all healthy relationships, whether in business or in our personal lives. Integrity is displayed in the small daily decisions that demonstrate whether our words and actions align with our core values and beliefs. Yes means yes; no means no. Our word is good, our handshake confirms the deal, and our signature is worth something. "If you have integrity," said Senator Alan Simpson, "nothing else matters." "If you don't have integrity," he continued, "nothing else matters."

Future Plans

From the first day we opened our doors we have continued to take great pride in referring the most compassionate and competent caregivers to clients in hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and private residences. Now in our second decade of service, we plan to continue being the company most recognized for doing whatever it takes to ensure that our clients and their families receive the care they deserve.

We look forward to building a warm and lasting relationship with you.